Saturday, October 25, 2008

Livermore, CA - Planning an Addition to my Residential Property – Do I need to consult a licensed professional?

If your home is located in Livermore, CA and was built after 1986 and is light frame, conventional construction then it was probably engineered. If so, you may be able to design a minor addition yourself and/or with the assitance of skilled unlicensed professionals.

However, if your building was built before 1986, the services of a licensed professional Architect or Engineer will probably be required.

The building department may recommend that an Architect (licensed) visually inspect your property to determine if their services will be needed. The building department does not perform inspections.

The building dept. can tell you, based on the address of your property, exactly what they require. Don’t waste time, planning your project without discussing it with them first.

For Livermore Building Department information call: 925.960.4431 and leave a voice mail inquiry. The Livermore building dept. will get back to you with a detailed answer regarding your question and will work with you, over the phone, to resolve any questions you have. We highly recommend their services.

On-Line Check:
Ci.livermore, – for submittal requirements and examples.