Sunday, November 23, 2008

I need to locate points on my property to establish the boundary

We had an inquiry last week from someone who needed to locate two points at the back of their property for a construction project. Since there were no existing boundary markers, we recommended that they hire a surveyor.

A good surveyor can provide several options for this type of a survey. Here are some suggestions from the surveyor that we work with:

Construction Survey: This is an inexpensive survey and may be sufficient for a small project. Property points are marked with temporary wooden stakes. If there is any doubt regarding the boundary, the stakes can be set back a few inches. This type of survey cannot protect you in the event of a lawsuit. The stakes will probably disappear over time, as they can be easily pulled out. They are estimated to last approx. two years.

Construction Survey & Letter: Along with locating your points, a surveyor can provide you with a signed, sealed letter for the city building department. This slightly more expensive option gives you clout with the building department but it will not protect you in a legal dispute.

Registered Survey: Steel Bollards are used to locate your boundary points. A survey map of your property is drawn up in AutoCAD. It is stamped and signed by your licensed surveyor and filed with the county. A registered survey can protect you in a legal dispute.

Disclaimer: This content is written by a layman for laymen. All information here should be verified by your licensed professional. We are providing general guidelines for the consumer.