Saturday, August 28, 2010

4 Reasons not to use Revit for As-Built Plans

Trying to decide if you should use Revit for your as-built plans?

  1. Will your project be in 2D?  If your project is not going to be developed in 3D or BIM, then there is no reason to use Revit. 
  2. Will the project be developed with AutoCAD?  Revit files can be converted to DWG files by using a SaveAS command.  AutoCAD DWG standards then have to be setup.  These additional steps can be costly if you can draft your as-builts in AutoCAD to begin with.
  3. Is speed an issue?  Revit asks for the additional Z coordinate and this takes time.
  4. Revit data is parametric, if you move one wall or remove a door, the building is redrawn to adjust to the changes.  As-Builts are drawings of the building as it was built and an inert drawing may be more practical for data integrity.