Thursday, July 22, 2010

As-Built Surveys for Office Sq. Footage - Save on Rent + As-Built!

Your office rent is, in most cases, determined by the sq. footage of your office space.   If you suspect that you are being charged for space that you're not using, it's possible to hire a field architectural drafter to measure your office and clarify your actual sq. footage.

Determining office area is not as simple as it looks.  We recommend that you, employ an architectural drafter with commercial experience.  He should be able to explain why measuring your office correctly is a fairly complex procedure.  Since this is a layman's blog, we leave that for the experts.  Trust us; you don't want to hire someone to determine your actual sq.footage if they have never heard of BOMA guidelines!

There are several kinds of office surveys you might want to consider:

1.     If you own the building then the best way to determine the square footage of a specific office is to survey the entire building in order to calculate the % of space that the office takes up.  This can be a fairly expensive procedure.
2.     If you don't own the building, it's not practical to survey the entire building.  Hire someone to measure your office space only.
3.     If you are trying to save on costs, your architectural drafter does not have to draw up floor plans.  A simple schematic diagram + an explanation of your area calcs will suffice.  This should not be an expensive process and depending on the size of your office can be done quickly.  

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