Monday, September 13, 2010

California Residential Deck Remodel Projects - Tips before you start

Do-it-Yourself Deck Project Tips

If you are planning a deck addition to your home here are some things to consider:

  • Will you deck be attached to your home?  If yes, an Architectural designer is probably needed.
  • If your deck will not be attached to your home, you don't need an Architect but you will most likely need a licensed Engineer to provide calculations and structural drawings.
  •   Some things to watch for with decks: 
  1. Leakage between the deck and the house.
  2. Crowded decks at parties have been known to fail and kill people.
  • Check with your building department and find out what is required for your building permit before you start deck construction.  We have heard horror stories of people starting what they thought was a simple deck project and being shut down by the city while in the middle of illegal construction.
  • Prepare to provide as-built plans, at minimum a site plan for a free standing deck and an architectural drawing of your deck design if you work with an engineer.
ClearLogicGroup provides as-built plans and coordination with civil, structural services in California.  If you need further advice Contact us!  

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